Evangadi Massage in Addis

Massage In Addis Ababa

At Ethio Evangadi Massage in Addis Ababa, we recognize the power of a healing touch and the profundity of a moment spent in tranquil connection with oneself. In the hustle of everyday life and amidst the uncertainties of intimacy, we often neglect the simple pleasure of a conscious touch. Our facility is a sanctuary where you can reclaim this lost art through the medium of our tantric massage.

Submerge into the luxurious experience that our tantric massages provide – a sanctuary where your senses are enlivened and your sensuality is celebrated. It’s here that you can free your mind, explore the landscape of your body, and engage with your innermost desires. Influenced by revered ancient erotic principles, Ethio Evangadi Massage’s offerings require a symphony of patience, trust, and ceremonial ritual, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Situated in the heart of Addis Ababa, our massages pave the way to a profound understanding of pleasure, culminating in an almost ethereal sense of ecstasy.

Body to Body Massage in Addis

Body To Body Massage

Our body to body massage in Addis is carried out by highly trained, not to mention exquisitely beautiful massage therapists. Although this highly erotic massage will start with the traditional massage where the massage therapist uses her hands to knead all the tension out of your pressure points, the body to body massage is a naked massage with a twist.

Massage in Addis

Happy Ending Massage

A happy ending massage in Addis can have many benefits for the body and it can even help with premature ejaculation. Every session that you choose has the happy ending massage in Addis (also known as Lingham massage) included. When you want a more sensual approach than just a standard massage, just try our happy ending massage, here at Ethio Evangadi Massage in Addis.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage in Addis Ababa is an erotic massage technique from Japan, but it has quickly made a name for itself in Addis and the rest of Africa. It's a form of massage that has been around for hundreds of years, but its popularity has grown considerably over the last few years. The aim of Nuru massage is to become better connected to your partner – such as one of our beautiful masseuses – on both a sensual and emotional level

Erotic Massage

Step into Ethio Evangadi Massage and discover an unparalleled Erotic Massage in Addis Ababa. Our sanctuary is a realm of peace, where the gentle flicker of candles and the soft strains of music create an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation. Be greeted by our expert masseuse, her elegant lingerie hinting at the luxurious experience that awaits


Our hotel massage option is popular among visitors or tourists to Addis Ababa who want to experience pampering without having to leave their hotel rooms. If you are finding yourself tensed up and requiring some special massage techniques to make you comfortable enough to finish that report ahead of the meeting you’ll be holding the next day, it is the perfect time to call for our hotel massage in Addis Ababa.

Our hotel massage is a very discreet and professional service performed by skilled and well-trained, sexy habesha therapists. With us, you have the guarantee of experiencing a genuine tantric body to body massage. Taking a shower before your therapist arrives is all the preparation you need to do. A clean body will make the experience more soothing for whichever massage you’ve chosen for the therapist to perform.