Happy Ending Massage in Addis

 Ethio Evangadi Massage in Addis invites you to come and experience the absolute pleasure of Happy Ending Massage in Addis.

Happy Ending Massage in Addis

Our Happy Ending Massage in Addis

A happy ending massage in Addis can have many benefits for the body and it can even help with premature ejaculation. Every session that you choose has the happy ending massage (also known as Lingham massage) included. When you want a more sensual approach than just a standard massage, just try our happy ending massage, here at Ethio Evangadi Massage in Addis.


A purely sensual and exquisite type of massage – all our habesha masseuses are trained to provide a slow and exciting happy ending massage in Addis. There can be more than one approach to a happy ending massage, just pick the one that suits your needs best. Our Ethio Evangadi masseuses are professionals and they can offer you a beautiful and long climax delay, by building up the tension and then letting you relax for a while – in this way, each time you will build up much more and at the end, you can reach the most thrilling and blissful climax.

Why Happy Ending Massage?

This full-body massage is a tantric therapy that is popular among male clients. Understandably so as the entire body is worked on with the masseuse’s expert hands finding tension points and knots, easing them out. As her hands work their magic, gradually your body relaxes and you are at peace within yourself, worries fading into the background.

Massage in Addis

Once the masseuse gets you in that blissful state, she redirects her soothing touch toward parts of your body that are much more sensitive eliciting arousal. As your arousal increases, her soft hands continue kneading your torso and the anticipation of sweet release builds till you climax in an explosive orgasm completely sated thankful to this gift of life.